Eunice McGhie

Known as the first lady of allotments, for more than 20 years Eunice has inspired countless children to grow and cook their own vegetable sand to take pride in their community.


Eunice, 75, works with thousands of inner-city kids and the police say she's helped reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Her project takes kids, aged four to 18, to three large allotments in Birmingham where they weed, plant and grow veg, including carrots, pumpkins and potatoes. They learn to cook healthy recipes and take produce in baskets to elderly people in the area.

"They enjoy the allotments because it is different to being at school and sitting down," said great grandmother Eunice. "But I am very strict! I make sure they work hard.

"There are many benefits of working on the land, and if they grow vegetables and see them being cooked they are more interested in eating them.

"People come from all over the country to see what we do here."


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