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When a car swerved out of control and careered into a tree Alan Forrester did not hesitate to pull a boy and his unconscious mother from the burning wreckage - just seconds before it exploded.


When a bus driver slumped unconscious at the wheel Irene King's swift actions saved dozens of lives and prevented a pile-up on a busy motorway.


Popping out for a pint of milk turned into an unforgettable experience for firefighter Tony Baker when he found himself face-to-face with armed robbers.


The daily school run took an unexpectedly dark turn for Julia O'Connor last year when she risked her life to save a woman from being stabbed to death.


In August 2002 AA patrolman Rick Buckley was driving round a notorious bend in North Yorkshire known as "Devil's Elbow", when he thought he'd stumbled onto the set of a movie.


A trip on the last bus home after a night on the town turned into a journey from hell for Lynsey Walters when she risked her life to save a man being viciously stabbed.

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