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Ruben and Elena Evans-Guillen

Twins with ADHD have channelled their energies into sponsored treks and superhero challenges for NHS-related charities, raising more than £45,000.

Ruben and Elena, from Warrington, were diagnosed with ADHD when they were six. Their parents Mark and Mercedes, determined to channel their huge energy into something positive, asked the twins if they wanted to help out in their local community. Mark explains: “In the early days it was quite a challenge because they were so hyperactive. The diagnosis did not come as a surprise. One day we found out our local hospital was looking to build a new garden for the children and the kids threw themselves into helping with the fundraising. It proved a life-changing opportunity. We also realised we had a platform to raise positive awareness of ADHD, and we wanted to show the ADHD community and beyond, just how much potential our kids have. It was just a case of unlocking it.”

Now aged 11, the children have since carried out dozens of feats and challenges to raise money for several charities. Their fundraising journey began in 2017, when they embarked on a year-long 100km running target to raise money for the Making Waves Appeal at Warrington and Halton Hospital, which has seen a new aquatic-themed outdoor play area created on the children’s ward. That was followed by a 100km trekking campaign in 2019 to help fund a CAMHS Room for the ward.

At the beginning of lockdown in 2020 the siblings completed a summer decathlon challenge with three-time Paralympic champion Stephen Miller and a winter superhero 100km cycling campaign to raise funds for portable lung suction machines to help vulnerable children in the fight against Covid19. They also helped raise funds for Warrington Youth Club to help fund their key worker educational programme.

Last year the twins carried out a 100 Acts of Kindness charity campaign, aising more than £2,500 for MedEquip4Kids to provide a heart telemetry unit for the Nest Birthing Centre in Warrington General Hospital. The twins also helped raise funds for local homeless charity Room at the Inn.

Now 11, Ruben and Elena have been steadfast in their efforts with a strong desire to change perceptions of children with ADHD and to highlight to others that amazing things can be achieved when channelling their enthusiasm into something positive. They have raised more than £45,000 for charity, mainly for NHS-related charities, as well as other local charitable organisations.

Dad Mark says: “Looking back, their energetic charitable activities really helped to manage their ADHD symptoms by challenging their hyperactivity and improving their overall sense of mental balance and well-being. It has transformed them as young people, giving them increased self-esteem and a strong sense of community values.