Winners 2021

  • Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser of the Year - Hughie Higginson and Freddie Xavi

    Hughie Higginson and Freddie Xavi

    Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser of the Year

    Best pals have raised more than £200,000 after Hughie was diagnosed with Leukaemia and Freddie vowed to help him thank his doctors and nurses

    This Morning Emergency Services Award - Stephen Wharton

    Stephen Wharton

    This Morning Emergency Services Award

    On-call firefighter risked his life to dive to the rescue of a teenager who had been submerged in icy waters for more than 20 minutes.

  • Spirit of Adventure Award - Max Woosey

    Max Woosey

    Spirit of Adventure Award

    “Tent Boy” Max has spent more than 500 nights sleeping under canvas, raising £640,000 for his local hospice.

    Special Recognition - Rob Allen

    Rob Allen

    Special Recognition

    Founded Sands United, an inspirational network of football teams where men who have lost babies and young children can come together to grieve.

  • Special Recognition - Gee Walker

    Gee Walker

    Special Recognition

    Forgave her son’s killers, and devoted her life to promoting racial harmony in his memory, building a legacy of love to overcome hate.

    Special Recognition - Oxford Vaccine Team

    Oxford Vaccine Team

    Special Recognition

    British scientists behind the vaccine that has helped give us our lives back, and is also the most potent weapon against Covid in the developing world.

  • Prince's Trust Young Achiever - Hassan Alkhawam

    Hassan Alkhawam

    Prince's Trust Young Achiever

    Refugee who fled war-torn Syria uses his experiences to help others arriving in Britain from trouble spots around the world.

    Lifetime Achievement - Rosemary Cox

    Rosemary Cox

    Lifetime Achievement

    Successfully campaigned to set up the first Organ Donor Register in the UK, helping to save thousands of lives.

  • Green Champion - Amy and Ella Meek

    Amy and Ella Meek

    Green Champion

    Campaigning sisters set up a kids charity to help fight the global scourge of plastic pollution.

    Child of Courage - Harmonie-Rose Allen

    Harmonie-Rose Allen

    Child of Courage

    Quadruple amputee given a 10% chance of survival as a toddler has inspired the nation with her courage and unbreakable spirit.

  • ITV Fundraiser of the Year - Mark Ormrod

    Mark Ormrod

    ITV Fundraiser of the Year

    Royal Marine was the first triple amputee to survive an IED blast in Afghanistan, defying medics to walk again, then raising huge amounts to help others.

    TSB Community Heroes - Rebecca Carless and Jamie McCallum

    Rebecca Carless and Jamie McCallum

    TSB Community Heroes

    The pair's viral video featuring children with Down syndrome led to a charity and inspirational global movement challenging negative perceptions.

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