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Major David Cooper, Tom Waters and Dr Ben Clark have been given a Pride of Britain award for their bravery in climbing 40ft to reach the rollercoaster crash victims and carry out daring rescue.


PC Mark Plant caught and arrested a robber by stepping in front his car and clinging onto the roof as it swerved through rush-hour traffic at up to 50mph.


Firefighter Tam Brown nearly lost his job after breaching safety rules to rescue a drowning woman.


A Force Nine gale was raging in the English Channel when the Devon RNLI got the call to head out to a stricken ship that was in danger of sinking.


Newly-qualified PC Rachel Farmer, 24, risked her life when, doused in petrol, she wrestled with a drug-crazed man to stop him from setting fire to his ex-partner.


PC David Rathband won widespread admiration for his dignity after he was shot in the face by fugitive murderer Raoul Moat as he sat in his marked patrol car four months ago.


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