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We’re very excited here at HQ, not only is this our first official blog of 2016 but it’s also the start of a very special new partnership for us. As you know we’re all about honouring outstanding individuals who have made a difference to their community.

People have immense pride in their communities and chief executive of TSB, Paul Pester, wants to hear about it.

Joanne and Dan Thompson will never forget the day that they lost their beautiful baby daughter. Nine-month-old Millie was on her third day at nursery when she choked on mashed potato. Dan was working 150 miles away when he received the call to say that Millie had been taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. He rang Joanne who headed straight to the hospital to be taken to a room where her daughter’s lifeless body lay on a hospital trolley.

Carol Vorderman has been involved with Pride of Britain since our inception 17 years ago and as she quite rightly says "I'm not just someone who is brought in on the night, I've lived it and breathed it."

When Nathan James left home at just 15 years old he had no means of supporting himself and he found that his only means to survive was to deal drugs on the streets of his hometown of Leeds. He told us "I was selling anything I could get my hands on from cannabis to heroin. I wanted to make money and drug-dealing was all I knew."

Every week we are confronted by articles telling us that our nation’s children don’t exercise enough and are becoming a generation addicted to technology based gaming. So, when we discovered inspirational Headteacher Elaine Wyllie we had to investigate further.

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