Special Recognition

2021 Winner Rob Allen Founded Sands United, an inspirational network of football teams where men who have lost babies and young children can come together to grieve. Rob and his wife Charlotte’s third child Niamh was stillborn, days before her due date in They were helped through their loss by the stillbirth charity Sands, but […]

Special Recognition

2021 Winner Gee Walker Forgave her son’s killers, and devoted her life to promoting racial harmony in his memory, building a legacy of love to overcome hate. The brutal racist murder of Anthony Walker in 2005 shocked the nation. The 18-year-old aspiring lawyer was chased from a bus stop in Huyton, Merseyside and killed with […]

Special Recognition

2021 Winner Oxford Vaccine Team British scientists behind the vaccine that has helped give us our lives back, and is also the most potent weapon against Covid in the developing world. Professor Sarah Gilbert and her team in Oxford had spent years preparing for “Disease X” – a completely new illness that would require a […]

Prince’s Trust Young Achiever

2021 Winner Hassan Alkhawam Refugee who fled war-torn Syria uses his experiences to help others arriving in Britain from trouble spots around the world. Hassan was a student when his family was forced to flee their home in Syria, leaving everything they owned behind. Initially settling in Jordan, Hassan had to give up his studies […]

Lifetime Achievement

2021 Winner Rosemary Cox Successfully campaigned to set up the first Organ Donor Register in the UK, helping to save thousands of lives. After their 24-year-old son Peter died in 1989 following a brain tumour, Rosemary and John Cox saw the need for a register for people who wish to donate their organs. Peter had […]

Child of Courage

2021 Winner Harmonie-Rose Allen, 7 Quadruple amputee given a 10% chance of survival as a toddler has inspired the nation with her courage and unbreakable spirit. Harmonie-Rose was 10 months old, and had recently taken her first steps, when she started coughing and struggling for breath. Doctors twice allowed her home from A&E, but the […]