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When a fellow passenger jumped into the path of an underground train as it thundered into the station, James Pout risked his own life to haul the man to safety.


Losing three premature babies at birth would be too much for many women to bear. But Judy Ledger turned such unimaginable heartache into a misson to save thousands of mothers and their newborns from the same fate.


PC David Rathband won widespread admiration for his dignity after he was shot in the face by fugitive murderer Raoul Moat as he sat in his marked patrol car four months ago.


Simon Cording was one of the British International Search and Rescue Team who saved a toddler buried under tonnes of rubble after the Haiti earthquake in January.


Despite losing his sight to cancer, eight-year-old Kelsey Trevett, eight, has refused to let blindness restrict him, becoming a champion for the rights of other disabled youngsters.

DESPITE suffering from a rare blood disorder which has seen him spend too much of his young life in hospital, aged just 12 Cameron Small has raised almost £100,000 for sick children and helped spearhead an appeal to raise £20 million for a new children's hospital.

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