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Drugs worker Chris Saunders is a beacon of hope to the countless young people whose lives he's helped rebuild - and given how far he has travelled himself, his success is even more remarkable.


Known as the first lady of allotments, for more than 20 years Eunice has inspired countless children to grow and cook their own vegetable sand to take pride in their community.


When Jonathan was promoted to head of maths he knew he had a challenge.


Newly-qualified PC Rachel Farmer, 24, risked her life when, doused in petrol, she wrestled with a drug-crazed man to stop him from setting fire to his ex-partner.


His life changed when a rocket attack left him paralysed from the waist down.


She lost her legs when she was a baby because of meningitis but Levana has never let that hold her back.

After a month in a coma and having to learn to walk again, 12-year-oldJake Peach is determined to help other young cancer patients.

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