Pepe Rahman Hart

Pepe has been the Head Teacher of the Trinity Church of England School in Radstock since it opened three years ago when two local schools merged.


As a result of her hard work and determination, Pepe, 39, has developed a revolutionary environmental programme which is being adopted in other schools.

Every child now participates in a unique recycling project, as part of an 'Eco-Committee' to eduicate them in environmental issues. It led to the school being named the "Cleanest in the Region" by the local authority.

She has introduced a highly successful choir and drama lessons as well as a range of school trips.

Her enthusiasm has even seen her going to school dressed as a tennis player to encourage children to take up new sports and she started theme days at the school including turning it into an imaginary airport , to 'fly' the pupils to Bastille Day in France to give them an insight into other cultures. As a result, grades have gone up.

Pepe says: "Life's not just about SAT results - we want them to think I love life and enrich the lives of others."


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