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Happily married with two beautiful children and a job she loves, Vicki Peters has much to be thankful for. But in her teenage years she began suffering extreme highs and lows caused by undiagnosed bipolar disorder, became addicted to drink and drugs, and eventually had a severe psychotic breakdown.

Firefighter Tam Brown nearly lost his job after breaching safety rules to rescue a drowning woman.


When a passenger who was only 24 weeks pregnant suddenly went into labour on a plane to Crete, flight attendant Carol Miller found herself delivering a seriously premature 1lb 1oz baby at 30,000ft.


Doorkeeper Peter Lachanudis and security guard Susan Porter knew it was risky protecting Northern Ireland's parliament building. But even they never expected to come face to face with armed mass murderer Michael Stone.


To battle through cancer and suffer the heartbreak of losing a best friend to the disease is horrendous - but to write a guide to help other children cope with cancer is truly inspirational.


She suffered a terrifying hate campaign in which her car was fire-bombed, bricks were hurled through her windows and paint was thrown over her house.


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