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Terri Calvesbert was just two-years-old when she was horrifically burned during a fire at her home, started accidentally by her mother's cigarette.

Doctors told brave Michaela McCarthy she would never walk again after an horrific road accident.


For one brief moment on the morning of Saturday November 22, 2003, England collectively held its breath.


Every day, RAF search-and-rescue teams risk their lives to save others but few can be as brave as the four men of 'A' Flight.


We all want to win a fortune on a TV quiz show, but very few of us would then give it all away.


Trooper Chris Finney is a true war hero who showed breathtaking courage under fire during the Iraq War.


The Women's Institute in the small Yorkshire village of Rylstone thought they would only raise a laugh and a few thousand pounds when they got their kit off for a charity calendar - but they ended up bringing in almost £1million.


For the second time in her life Leisa Hodgkinson kept her head while all around were losing theirs.


Serial killers and rapists have been caught and convicted, the innocent freed, and families reunited - thanks to the ground-breaking work of Sir Alec Jeffreys.


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