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Chloe Gambrill was just six years old when she signed up to run the Cancer Research UK Race For Life in memory of her "beloved nanny" who died of cancer. But, tragically, just five weeks before the race in July 2005, Chloe was diagnosed with leukaemia.


Imagine standing up in front of hundreds of people and delivering a powerful and moving speech - at the age of just ten.


Ten years ago Colin Osborne was given only two months to live. Diagnosed with testicular cancer, the disease quickly spread to his abdomen, pelvis and lungs.


Lloyd has spent 14 years raising £1.25million for cancer charities.  He is known to millions as the man who spent five days and eight hours completing the London Marathon for charity while wearing a 120lb deep-sea diving suit.


When three-year-old Joanna Hastings lay ill in hospital, Barbara White made a promise to her that would eventually help change thousands of young lives.


Jill Farwell's beautiful redheaded daughter Katie was three years old and her brother Tom was six months when they were diagnosed with an extremely rare degenerative disorder.


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