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Adopting a child is a huge responsibility, one that requires patience, dedication and commitment.


Lloyd has spent 14 years raising £1.25million for cancer charities.  He is known to millions as the man who spent five days and eight hours completing the London Marathon for charity while wearing a 120lb deep-sea diving suit.


She was a 1960s icon, the supermodel whose face graced a thousand magazine covers.  But Celia Hammond gave it all up to try to end the suffering of stray and abandoned animals.


Despite being treated for cancer, June , 71, is a tower of strength.  The age of 70 is a milestone - and usually a time when most people want to put their feet up.


Janet Bourne has been helping troubled primary school pupils for years but she loves that moment when all the hard work pays off.


It was the moment when Pride of Britain winner Sarah Bennett realised Prince Charles should stick to the polo.  When the musically-gifted 24-year-old met the Prince at St James's Palace last month, she hoped to teach him a few chords on her guitar.


Brave Dan Tanner shrugged off serious stab wounds to his chest and arm to save a teenage girl from a crazed knifeman.


People who meet Holly Lishman often remark upon what a happy-go-lucky little girl she is.  But Holly has been through an ordeal so terrifying that her parents feared she might never smile again.


Teacher Rosanne Ainslie was enjoying a well-earned lie-in when she heard shouting from her elderly neighbour's house.  She was about to risk her own life in a dramatic rescue.


Hollie Ashe had never been told what to do if her dad fell into a diabetic coma. At just four years old, her parents thought she was too young even to understand the condition.


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