Jean Forrest

Supermum Jean Forrest, 64, has always loved children - so much so that she has been "mum" to an incredible 635 youngsters over the last 37 years.


Jean, from Lancing, West Sussex, has four children of her own and has also adopted two boys, who are now 20 and 19. Her selfless devotion to young people in need has seen a constant flow of foster children passing through her caring hands.

She has looked after children of all ages, from babies to youngsters with special needs. Her recipe is always the same - give them lots of love. "I teach them how to love, because many of them have had a very sad existence when they come to me," says Jean.

Her husband Tim died in April 1997, but Jean plans to continue fostering with all her motherly love and determination. She currently has two babies in her care and has looked after more than 500 infants over the years.

Her home is bedecked with photographs of the children she has cared for, many of whom still keep in touch with this incredible woman. The most she has looked after at any one time is ten.

The most astonishing thing is that Jean has never once thought she was doing anything special. When, we called her she actually cried on the phone because she was so humbled to be thought an inspiration to others.


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