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A sonic boom echoed across the Nevada desert - and Thrust sped its way into the history books, breaking the land speed record at 763mph.  It was a moment the nation felt proud to be British.


It was a team British scientists who came up with the most talked-about invention of the year: Viagra.


Richard Emanuel is a remarkable British success story in business starting with nothing, coming from nowhere, and in record time setting his industry alight.


Mo Mowlam entered the macho world of Irish politics and refused to be defeated.  It took tireless work, skilled diplomacy and a steely determination to tackle 300 years of bad blood.


The winner of this special award in memory of Linda McCartney's tireless campaign for animal welfare has been nominated by Sir Paul himself.


Not only is Helen Rollason a talented presenter in the male-dominated TV sports world, she is, according to her colleagues, a joy to work with.


If ever there was a moment of sporting inspiration, then Michael Owen delivered it one heady night in France last June.


It was the decision that stunned sports fans around the world.  Quite simply, Lennox Lewis was robbed of becoming the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion.


To have a child murdered is something that no parent can bear to contemplate.  To discover that he was murdered for the colour of his skin is a nightmare beyond belief.


When King Hussein of Jordan died from cancer earlier this year, he was mourned as one of the greatest forces for world peace we have seen.


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