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Pride of Britain Award Winners


Ollie Cartwright
Child of Courage - Ollie Cartwright

Little Ollie Cartwright is the true face of courage after enduring 130 major operations to remodel his skull - and save his life.

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Katy Miles
Child of Courage - Katy Miles

To battle against cancer at any age is horrendous - but to survive it, suffer the heartbreak of losing a best friend and yet still think of others at Katy Miles's tender years defies belief.

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Irene King
Outstanding Bravery - Irene King

When a bus driver slumped unconscious at the wheel Irene King's swift actions saved dozens of lives and prevented a pile-up on a busy motorway.

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Alan Forrester
Outstanding Bravery - Alan Forrester

When a car swerved out of control and careered into a tree Alan Forrester did not hesitate to pull a boy and his unconscious mother from the burning wreckage - just seconds before it exploded.

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Daniel and Jason Rodd
Outstanding Bravery - Daniel and Jason Rodd

Young brothers Daniel and Jason Rodd showed bravery beyond their years when they saved the lives of three adults who were drowning at sea.

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Anthony Crompton
Outstanding Bravery - Anthony Crompton

All Anthony Crompton intended to do when he went to his local garage was buy a bottle of coke. Instead he risked his life to single-handedly take on two armed robbers - and was stabbed eight times.

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Silla Carron
Tesco Neighbour of The Year - Silla Carron

People living in Camden's notorious Clarence Way estate were too frightened to act against the junkies and the gangs operating near their homes.

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Kirsteen Lupton
Fundraiser of The Year - Kirsteen Lupton

Imagine standing up in front of hundreds of people and delivering a powerful and moving speech - at the age of just ten.

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Linda Davies
Teacher of The Year - Linda Davies

One headteacher has made going to school an out-of-this world experience for the children - literally.

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Stacey Heywood
Carer of The Year - Stacey Heywood

When their mother died suddenly, Stacey Heywood and her brother and sister were sent to different care homes. But thanks to Stacey's incredible sacrifice the family are now back together.

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Samantha Block
Prince's Trust Young Achiever - Samantha Block

At only five years old Samantha Block's childhood was robbed from her after she was abused and put into care.

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Joe Mitty
Lifetime Achievement - Joe Mitty

No high street is complete without a charity shop. But such a phenomenon could never have been achieved had it not been for the energy and enterprise of one man.

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PC Mark Plant
GMTV Emergency Services - PC Mark Plant

PC Mark Plant caught and arrested a robber by stepping in front his car and clinging onto the roof as it swerved through rush-hour traffic at up to 50mph.

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Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis
Special Recognition - Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis

When Beverley De-Gale's son Daniel was diagnosed with leukaemia for the second time in 1995, a bone marrow transplant was his only chance.

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Piers Sellers
Special Recognition - Piers Sellers

Most youngsters with dreams of being spacemen forget them as they grow up but not Piers Sellers, who this year broke the British record for the longest amount of time space-walking.

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David Walliams
Inspiring Personality - David Walliams

When Little Britain comedian David Walliams said he was going to swim the Channel most people thought he was having a laugh.

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Squadron Logo
Special Recognition - 59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers

The wide-spread devastation and loss of life following the catastrophic earthquake in south Asia last year was enormous.

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Abigail Witchalls
Special Recognition - Abigail Witchalls

The stabbing of a young pregnant mother in what has been dubbed by the police as the safest county of Britain shocked the nation.

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