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Pride of Britain Award Winners


Sir John Sulston
Lifetime Achievement - Sir John Sulston

Scientist Sir John led the project to map the human genome.

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The Heroes of Sept 11
Special Award - The Heroes of Sept 11

Emergency service workers the world over are prepared to put their lives on the line to save others. But rarely has their dedication been more clear than on September 11, 2001.

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Kirsty Howard
Special Award - Kirsty Howard

Six-year-old Kirsty captured the nation's heart when she was picked as a mascot for the England team in their World Cup qualifier against Greece last year.

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Margaret Jellet
Special Award - Margaret Jellet

Margaret's pioneering work with the integrated schools movement in Northern Ireland has helped bring down barriers and challenge long-held prejudices in the province.

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Debby Dumigan
Outstanding Act of Bravery - Debby Dumigan

Debby saved a young woman's life and prevented an entire neighbourhood going up in flames.

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Richard Emmott
Outstanding Act of Bravery - Richard Emmott

When Richard Emmott hung up his rugby boots for the last time, he had no idea that the skills he acquired on the pitch would one day be called upon to avert a shooting tragedy.

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Anthony Peltier
Outstanding Act of Bravery - Anthony Peltier

Deputy headteacher Anthony Peltier used his first aid skills to save the life of a stabbed teenager.

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Katie-Louise Beynon
Child of Courage - Katie-Louise Beynon

Katie-Louise, 12, save her brother's life after he had suffered a potentially fatal reaction to an asthma drug.

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David Beckham
Sportsperson of The Year - David Beckham

David Beckham was crowned the king of English football after powering the Three Lions into the World Cup finals.

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Joseph Anderson
Child of Courage - Joseph Anderson

Despite suffering terrible burns, Joseph has retained his sparkling personality.

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Sean McNally
Child of Courage - Sean McNally

Steven Portman lost his arm in a horrific accident, but if it hadn't been for his best friend, Sean McNally, he would probably have lost his life.

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PC Simon Dell
Beyond The Call of Duty - PC Simon Dell

If it hadn't been for the brave actions of PC Simon Dell, Christine Fox would today be a widow, grieving the loss of her son.

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Steve Wardle
Neighbour of The Year - Steve Wardle

Before Steve Wardle moved on to the Grange Park housing estate, many of its residents were too scared to leave their homes at night.

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Sophie Render
Child of Courage - Sophie Render

Leukaemia sufferer Sophie has been a tower of strength for her mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Sophie Knight
Child of Courage - Sophie Knight

The floods which hit Britain in December 2000 almost cost four-year-old Rosie Knight her life. But thanks to sister Sophie she survived.

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Mark Glover
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare - Mark Glover

Just 15 years ago a fur coat was as much a status symbol as a Ferrari or a Rolex, but today most people would not be seen dead in anything dead. And it is all down to Mark.

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Sandra Walton
Teacher of The Year - Sandra Walton

The boundless enthusiasm of headteacher Sandra Walton has turned round the fortunes of Pineapple Junior Infants School.

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Emma Honey
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Award - Emma Honey

Emma has turned her life around to become an inspiration to her peers.

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Barbara White
Fundraiser of The Year - Barbara White

Since setting up When You Wish Upon A Star in 1990, the charity has made dreams come true for thousands of children and has rightly earned Barbara the title of a real-life fairy godmother.

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Jill McGowan
Carer of The Year - Jill McGowan

Jill knows better than most the misery caused by asthma. Not only is she a sufferer herself, but as a nurse she has spent 27 years treating people with breathing difficulties.

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I was blown away by the whole thing when i first went. I am always amazed by the winers they are extraordinary people... - Sir Paul McCartney

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