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Pride of Britain Award Winners


Her Majesty Queen Noor and Tony Blair
International Award - His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan and Her Majesty Queen Noor

When King Hussein of Jordan died from cancer earlier this year, he was mourned as one of the greatest forces for world peace we have seen.

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Doreen and Neville Lawrence
Special Award - Doreen and Neville Lawrence

Tim Berners-Lee is one of the most influential men in the world but although millions of people use his invention every day, few have even heard of him.

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Lennox Lewis
Special Award - Lennox Lewis

It was the decision that stunned sports fans around the world. Quite simply, Lennox Lewis was robbed of becoming the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion.

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Michael Owen
Most Inspiring Young Sportsperson - Michael Owen

If ever there was a moment of sporting inspiration, then Michael Owen delivered it one heady night in France last June.

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Helen Rollason
Special Award - Helen Rollason

Not only is Helen Rollason a talented presenter in the male-dominated TV sports world, she is, according to her colleagues, a joy to work with.

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Juliet Gellatley
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare - Juliet Gellatley

The winner of this special award in memory of Linda McCartney's tireless campaign for animal welfare has been nominated by Sir Paul himself.

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Mo Mowlam
Outstanding Contribution - Mo Mowlam

Mo Mowlam entered the macho world of Irish politics and refused to be defeated. It took tireless work, skilled diplomacy and a steely determination to tackle 300 years of bad blood.

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Richard Emanuel
Entrepreneur of The Year - Richard Emanuel

Richard Emanuel is a remarkable British success story in business starting with nothing, coming from nowhere, and in record time setting his industry alight.

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The Viagra Scientists
Inventor of The Year - The Viagra Scientists

It was a team British scientists who came up with the most talked-about invention of the year: Viagra.

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Richard Noble and Sqn. Ldr Andy Green
Pioneers of The Year - Richard Noble and Sqn. Ldr Andy Green

A sonic boom echoed across the Nevada desert - and Thrust sped its way into the history books, breaking the land speed record at 763mph.

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Donna Marie McGillion
Outstanding Bravery Award - Donna Marie McGillion

It was a magical moment that gave a glimmer of hope and joy to a town steeped in sadness. And it was all the more poignant because it so nearly didn't happen.

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Daniel Gallimore
Outstanding Bravery Award - Daniel Gallimore

Daniel was beaten up so severely that he was knocked unconscious and left for dead on the pavement by the gang who attacked him.

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Helen Smith
Outstanding Bravery Award - Helen Smith

Helen Smith was a gifted student with a bright future when she was struck by a cruel and devastating blow.

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Michael McNally
Outstanding Bravery Award - Michael McNally

The tragic scenes of grief, shock and devastation that followed the Omagh bombing will forever be ingrained in our memories.

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Rhys and Charly Daniels
Children of Courage - Rhys and Charly Daniels

Rhys Daniels lost his fight for life against the crippling illness Batten's disease just before Christmas, and his sister Charly died soon afterwards.

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Sarah Dinsdale
Child of Courage - Sarah Dinsdale

It was a December morning when Sarah Dinsdale and her mum Diane decided to go Christmas shopping. But their car spun out of control as it hit black ice.

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Sandra Howard
Fundraiser of The Year - Sandra Howard

Sandra Howard's 20-year-old son Gareth is severely epileptic. When she discovered a revolutionary new treatment that was not available on the NHS, she decided to raise the money herself.

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Lucy-Rae Tamulevicus
Child of Courage - Lucy-Rae Tamulevicus

Lucy-Rae has endured more pain and suffering in her young life than most of us could ever imagine. She was just 10 months old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, which affects the nervous system.

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Kevin Dingle, Mike Edkins and Paul Pollington
Lifesaver of The Year - Kevin Dingle, Mike Edkins and Paul Pollington

It was evening on September 6 1998 and light was fading fast when the Port Isaac Lifeboat rescue unit received a mayday call. A child had fallen from rocks into the sea, his father had dived in to rescue him and both were trapped. They had been swept into a deep cave, which was rapidly filling with water.

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Helen Ridding
Teacher of The Year - Helen Ridding

Helen Ridding took on a challenge few teachers would contemplate when she accepted a job at one of the worst primary schools in the country.

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I was blown away by the whole thing when i first went. I am always amazed by the winers they are extraordinary people... - Sir Paul McCartney

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