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"We feel incredibly honoured to be working in partnership with the Pride of Britain Awards again with this being our second year of sponsoring the event. It's inspiring and incredibly heart-warming to hear of these acts of immense bravery and courage from ordinary members of the public who may not always receive the recognition they deserve. There have been a great many high-profile events over the past 12 months that have, as I'm sure you'll agree, made us feel incredibly proud to be British. And there have been many more acts of bravery that have taken place out of the spotlight and these ones should be equally recognised. These people have not sought praise for the brave feats they've acomplished and would, quite simply, not consider their actions heroic. That's why we felt compelled to be involved in championing their achievements and showing our support for these marvellous people, who are truly unsung heroes in our communities."

Ronny Gottschlich, Managing Director, Lidl UK GmbH

Chloe Gambrill

Jake Peach
I was blown away by the whole thing when i first went. I am always amazed by the winers they are extraordinary people... - Sir Paul McCartney

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