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Daybreak Honour Emergency Services

Every day, they are prepared to risk their own lives to save others. They don't think twice about going beyond the call of duty to help complete strangers in need.

There's no doubt that the members of our emergency services are some of the greatest heroes in our country today. And they are too often the least rewarded.

That's why the Daybreak Emergency Services Award at Pride of Britain is so special.

It's a chance to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary people we rely on in times of crisis - whether they be in the police, fire, ambulance, air, sea or mountain rescue services.

We ensure that we tell as many of their remarkable stories as possible by featuring all our four finalists for the category every day for a week on Daybreak, in the Daily Mirror and other press, two weeks before the Pride of Britain Awards take place.

PC Mark Plant, of West Midlands police, won the award at Pride of Britain 2006 for an act of truly breath-taking courage.

After chasing two robbers to their getaway car, he then leapt on the bonnet and clung on for about a mile as they weaved around oncoming cars at speeds of up to 50mph.

Determined not to let them get away, he smashed the windscreen with his knee. And, when the car slowed down, and the driver jumped out, Mark chased him and finally arrested him!

He says, modestly: "I was just determined to stop them and catch them - that's why I joined the police. It's one of those things where you just act on instinct."

Among the finalists were fire-fighters Steve Binns and Paul Myers, of County Durham, who waded out of their depth in a frozen lake to save a drowning woman, trapped under the ice.

Air crew paramedic Kevin Hodgson rescued a man from drowning in his car during a brave airlift - despite not having the right safety equipment on board. And WPC Sarah Hobson, of Wolverhampton, chased, caught and arrested two balaclava-clad robbers, one of whom had served time for attempted murder.

You can nominate a member of the emergency services for this award on this website by clicking Nominate Now on the left. Please tell us, in as much detail as possible, why you feel they deserve to win the Daybreak Emergency Services Award at Pride of Britain.

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